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Welcome to Court Appearances, a free online legal Directory which lists COURT LAWYERS who regularly appear in one or more of the 750+ Australian law Courts listed on this website. is dedicated to helping members of the public locate a suitably qualified Court Lawyer to assist with any pending or potential court attendance obligation.

We provide comprehensive information about individual Court Lawyers, including their location, experience, qualifications, languages spoken, and expertise, so that an informed choice in the selection of a Court Lawyer might be satisfactorily made.

A Court Lawyer may belong to, or practise as one or more of, the following members or groups of the legal profession:

  • Court Solicitors
  • Attorneys
  • Court Agents
  • Barristers
  • Accredited Specialists

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Specialist Lawyers Nationwide

Members of the public may search this Directory to locate Court Lawyers who specialise in particular Areas of Law, as well as Law Society appointed Accredited Specialists. Court Lawyers with accredited specialisation qualifications recognised by a State Law Society in an area of law or expertise (Accredited Specialists) are identified by this symbol on their webpage.

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We publish annually, as full page advertisements, in both the Queensland Law Society and NSW Law Society Diary | Directory REFERRAL GUIDES, which lists Court Lawyers and their contact details to assist the legal profession to locate suitably qualified and conveniently located court lawyers.

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